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rascal worked in conjunction with Camelot to better understand the lottery category and develop an industry-leading solution to the challenges facing our customers. rascal is the exclusive solution provider authorised under agreement with Camelot providing an end-to-end solution that significantly reduces shrink, simplifies store process, reduces labour costs, deters potential fraud, identifies theft and supports in the prosecution of offenders.

Our solution is currently live in over 2,000 stores, including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Mid-Counties Coop, East of England Coop and Eason, consistently achieving the following results:

  • Store labour saving of 3hr per store per week
  • Reduction in Head Office finance related resource
  • 37% decrease in shrink
  • 83% decrease in Camelot fines
  • 7% increase in scratch card sales
  • 3% better availability vs non-rascal retailers

Why choose our Lottery solution?

Streamlined, standardised and simplified store processes mean improved availability and sales.

Digital data capture via the app simplifies the critical tasks of receiving and return products, as well as weekly stocktakes.

Combines critical data sets, providing category visibility and insight into store variances and compliance to processes.

Removes manual process and delivers labour efficiencies whilst still managing to suppress shrink.

Crime packs produced and given to police to ensure successful prosecution.

Powerful yet easy to interpret data visualisation tools provide visibility at an estate or regional view through to store and line-level interrogation.

Using data as a deterrent

Over 6 years’ ago Sainsbury’s engaged rascal to provide a solution to help manage the lottery scratch card category. Following extensive discovery, scoping and solution design, rascal worked with Camelot to develop and deliver an industry-leading solution that is supplied by rascal to retailers under exclusive licence with Camelot. The lottery scratch card solution is continually refined and developed in line with rascal’s on-going commitment to innovation. The solution delivers growth (availability and sales), deters potential fraud, identifies theft and supports in the prosecution of offenders.

Download the full case study below to read the full story.

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    “The way we manage lottery with rascal is absolutely superb. Bang for buck it is absolutely superb value for money

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