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Our platform is engineered to tackle your complex direct delivery data management challenges. We manage all retailer and supplier data – inputs, throughputs and endpoints. These data sets include product, price (cost and retail), promotion, range, supplies, sales, returns, shrink, credits, charges and invoices. All data sets are received, processed, redistributed (as required), monitored and ultimately displayed via intelligent data visualisations, giving complete visibility of store and supplier compliance and performance.

Store activity is captured on the rascal app which sits on every device in store and has been designed to standardise and streamline the process of receiving direct delivered products across multiple categories. The app is configurable to manage direct deliveries regardless of the agreed model for receiving goods each category has in place.  Receiving options on the app include Line-level scanning, Tote/parcel-level scanning, Good Faith Receiving (GFR), GFR auditing, Sale or Return (SOR), EPoS Based Returns (EBR), Sales Based Trading (SBT), Receive All.

To benefit from our data management solutions there is no need to rip out your existing technology. We offer a self-contained solution that receives data from multiple retailer and supplier sources and compiles it all together in the desired format ready for integration into retail systems.

Data management

  • 18+ years of proven security, stability, and resilience of rascal data and tech solutions.
  • Interfacing with suppliers and retailers – over 1,000 inbound 3rd party data feeds daily pre 7am.
  • Outbound integration of data-feeds to retailer and supplier endpoints.
  • Multiple file formats and types translated into a single format and delivery method ready for ingestion.

The rascal app

  • Our stable and secure app is on over 32,000 handheld devices across UK grocery retail stores.
  • Removes manual and paper-based processes delivering labour efficiency.
  • Identifies discrepancies at the point of delivery.
  • Accurate receiving data results in improved forecasting and ordering.
  • Data captured enables accurate quantity and value matching during invoice reconciliation.

Data visualisation

  • Visibility and control over complex categories, minimising losses.
  • Interactive Power BI dashboards for enhanced decision-making and insights.
  • Clear data sets to analyse trends, forecast future sales and help solve problems.
  • Our price file ensures appropriate product set-up, maximising category sales.

EPoS services

  • Our independence plays a critical role, especially in any sales-based trading models where we ensure an accurate and fair outcome for retailer and suppliers.
  • Our price file ensures accurate product and price set up, reducing data-driven shrink from non-scanning at the till.
  • We clean and match complex, messy EPoS data sets from legacy systems making them fit for purpose and onward distribution.
  • Extensive, built-in algorithmic alert systems as well as daily human checks ensure the early identification of missing or incorrect critical data sets.

What our customers' say

In my experience, I have found rascal to be forward thinking and knowledgeable in their field. They continually strive to develop solutions that will assist the retail sector by establishing controls on the most complex of merchandise categories.

Alison Allen
Asset Protection Manager

Our solutions

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Our solutions simplify a complex category. We currently support over 7,000 stores, achieving a minimum 3:1 ROI and cutting labour costs by an average of 34 minutes per day. Saving our customers millions of pounds in the process.


As the exclusive provider (authorised under agreement by Camelot), we supply a Lottery Scratchcard solution to over 2,000 stores.