Our solutions

Connecting retailers with suppliers

Systems to synchronise your data

Our solutions make life easier for retailers. We do it by connecting your data to supplier data – delivering total transparency, accuracy and operational efficiency.

From in-store app-based tech, data management and processing, to meaningful insights and advice from our team of retail experts – whatever your challenge, we have a solution.

Data services

Our platform connects data systems, processes and people to empower meaningful insights. Our visualisations help to solve data-management challenges, resulting in less friction and more impactful results.

News & mags

Our solutions simplify a complex category. We currently support over 7,000 stores, achieving a minimum 3:1 ROI and cutting labour costs by an average of 34 minutes per day. Saving our customers millions of pounds in the process.


As the exclusive provider, authorised under agreement by Camelot, we supply a Lottery Scratchcard solution to over 2,000 stores.