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Our platform is designed to tackle many of the challenges that retail poses, most notably Direct Deliveries. It manages the price book, ensures correct invoice payment and measures store and supplier compliance. And it does it all by automating and controlling workflows through one platform – removing the risk of manual errors, increasing visibility and improving efficiency.

Engineered to enhance

To benefit from rascal’s systems, there’s no need to rip out your existing technology. We offer a self-contained solution that uses data extracted from your current supplier and retailer systems – enhancing your capabilities to be the best they can be.

The benefits of the rascal platform

Master Data Management – Product Catalogue & Pricebook

  • Cloud-based single-entry point

  • Maintains accurate pricing

  • Eliminates spreadsheets

  • Pushes labour to suppliers

Purchase Order Automation

  • PO's delivered automatically

  • Enables Direct Delivered categories to be treated like all others

  • Extracts Direct Delivered suppliers from existing PO system

  • Reports on performance

App Based Digital Data Capture

  • Reducing errors and inaccuracies through removal of process steps, touchpoints and paper-based transactions

  • Discrepancies captured at point of delivery, by both retailer and supplier

  • Better stock management due to more accurate receiving data

  • Improved visibility of data, faster

Invoice Reconciliation & Error Recovery

  • Automated matching of invoices to receiving records and price book

  • Automated discrepancy recognition

  • Automated credit requesting

  • Automated credit capturing

Accountability & Performance Analytics

  • Price book

  • POs and payments

  • Invoice reconciliation

  • All aspects of performance

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