Deployed in over 800 Morrisons stores.

Over 2:1 ROI on leaner labour model.

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Our News & Magazines technology. Delivering efficiency in black and white.

The rascal app scans all newspapers and magazines in and out of the store. It then matches against the supplier data to measure accuracy. No paperwork. No grey areas. Just total transaction transparency.

Our centralised web-based portal provides visibility right along the supply chain, while our database provides verification of all goods received, returns and credits. Discrepancies are made visible to all users, ensuring a speedy rectification.

It all adds up to greater efficiency, less labour and improved profits.

Designed to deliver

Loss prevention

Colleagues adhere to robust processes – reducing errors, increasing accountability and reducing losses.

Improved productivity

Timely and accurate interpretation of data simplifies and speeds up decision-making.

Accurate data provision

Including up-to-date product and price files, promotion and change notifications, and supply chain information.

Total visibility

Of goods in and out, range management, product checks and stocktaking. All reported to head office for top-down control.

rascal portal.
The home of up-to-date data.

The rascal portal is a data hub for the news and magazine industry. It provides an accurate live feed of all product, range, store, delivery, returns and sales details, with the future potential to include store opening times, delivery times and route details.

The scope of the portal is far-reaching: retail partners can monitor the performance of stores, suppliers and merchandisers; while distributors can ensure that all products, prices and barcodes are set up accurately and monitor promotional compliance.

Regardless of who is accessing the portal, everyone benefits from working to a single live version of the data.

For Sainsbury’s

rascal saved 5 hours labour per store, per week.

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