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Our Lottery technology. Winning numbers included.

Over a 12-month period, our lottery scratch card solution has averaged a 37% decrease in shrinkage, 83% decrease in fines attributed by Camelot, 7% increase in sales, and 3% improved availability.

It achieves these numbers by taking control of deliveries, stocktakes, returns, and EPOS data while delivering reports that improve visibility for head office and ensuring processes are done correctly and efficiently.

If there are too many processes in place, demanding more labour, rascal helps to transform the store operation and liberate more hours for better use.

If there’s not enough process in place, increasing the risk of theft and shrink, rascal can establish robust new protocols that minimise loss without adding significant labour.

Our Lottery innovations include:

Delivery and returns scanning.

Weekly stocktake of activated and non-activated scratch cards.

Reports to track by game, by store, stock variances, rate of sale, compliance and over activation.

Branch investigation reports to help with fraud investigation and subsequent prosecutions.

Streamlined, exception-based visibility for head office.

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