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The importance of data to empowering people

Retailers today are all talking about customer experience, and the importance of getting this right. Business leaders, however, often forget to look inwards and address their internal “customer” experience – that of their workforce, ignoring the impact healthy data practices can have on culture, employee satisfaction, and productivity.

Having accurate data to work with isn’t a privilege only a select few should receive. Within any business, everyone has decisions to make which are often guided by the data available to them, whether that be a buyer, store colleague, accounts administrator, store manager, you name it. Each one of them often feel the weight of a decision and its impact, and to them, having accurate data on which to base those decisions is a necessity. It is fundamental to the success of every role.

If a retailer encourages a culture of empowerment, then one of the most valuable tools to ensure people are empowered, is accurate data. Accurate data will produce precise, confident and commercially sound decision-making. If better data accuracy and integrity is attainable, it is arguably a fundamental duty of care of business leaders to deliver.

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