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Hazlemere Store Manager, The Midcounties Co-operative

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Our DVD technology. The picture of simplicity.

The rascal technology tracks the movement of DVDs, CD’s and Video Games in a simplified, efficient and highly visible end-to-end process:

Goods in
Overnight, across the UK, suppliers provide our retail partners with Expected Goods In files. This data feeds directly to each store’s rascal app.
The app allows all colleagues to take responsibility for goods-in scanning. It also significantly improves the accuracy of the process compared to paper-based systems, and enables instant on-screen comparison to the Expected Goods In file.

If any discrepancies are discovered, rascal takes care of notifying the suppliers, as well as reporting them to head office. No time is lost in store by colleagues calling through to the supplier with their discrepancies.

By scanning any title on the shelf or in the stock room, our intelligent voice notification system immediately alerts the user if the product is due for return and to which supplier.

All returns data is then uploaded to rascal and a report is sent to head office for visibility.

Using the rascal app, a stocktake of titles on the shelf and in the stock room is easily completed. The results are uploaded to maintain a live inventory which is analysed by rascal along with the delivery, returns and EPOS data.

Messages from retail head office can be sent directly to the rascal app at any stage – ensuring the right information is reaching the right people at the right time.
Whether it’s the date an advanced title needs to be displayed or recall/returns messages, the app ensures the right processes are followed by asking the colleague to confirm the message before they can continue.

Business intelligence
Data gathered from suppliers, stores, head office and our app provides full data visibility, from expected goods-in and returns to credits and invoices. Analysis comes from our dedicated Business Intelligence Team. Experts who can paint a clear picture of performance, stock, shrink and profitability by category, title, store or region.

The power of the Portal

The rascal DVD offering can be supported by our web-based rascal portal. It delivers a host of benefits:

Automates the DVD item master catalogue and price book

Maintains a live inventory

Automates invoice and delivery verification documents to head office

Matches invoices to proof of delivery records

Simplifies discrepancy recognition and alerts suppliers

Automatically recovers funds due from discrepancies from suppliers

Access to real-time, exception-based analytics

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