Reduce shrink and increase profits
with rascal’s retail technology and data solutions.

The new model of retail efficiency.

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Transforming retail operations.
From the shop floor to the bottom line.

Leaner labour models. Cleaner data. Straightforward processes. rascal systems simplify your store’s product management operation to improve performance – meeting the growing commercial demands of a fast-changing industry.

Our intuitive technology can collect and interpret data across any category as stock moves through the supply and sale chain – from orders to returns. And as your data management needs evolve, so too will our solutions.

This innovative, end-to-end approach shrinks shrink, reduces paperwork and streamlines stock management to save on labour; all while increasing data accuracy and visibility, financial control and store profits.

We’re proud to have shared these benefits with clients of all sizes, in all sorts of sectors – from supermarkets and high street shops, to convenience stores and petrol stations.

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Our Platform – Connecting Data, Systems, Processes and People


Over 20 million days of individual store use since 2006.


Long-term customers – a minimum of six years tenure.


Minimum 2:1 ROI on operational savings.

A data first approach is key to retailer digital transformation

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Keeping pace with progress

The reality of retail is constantly evolving. But thankfully, so are our systems. We’re always exploring new ways to tackle industry challenges and enter new categories. Because, while the retail world might keep changing, the need and desire for greater efficiency and improved profits is constant.

Continuous development is in our DNA.


“With support from rascal and increasing store compliance to process, Waitrose realise significant benefits from; increased delivery credit, reduced rejected credit and labour model efficiencies. In addition, rascal provides invaluable insight through line-level shrink visibility, which both head office and shops use to drive savings. The support, data, and knowledge rascal provides, combined with Waitrose category focus, has resulted in a 18% shrink saving from 2018 as we continue to achieve a year-on-year shrink reduction in a tough market with significant price inflation.”

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Ian Smith

Stock Operations Manager

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