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The rascal system is focused on driving retail operational excellence in the management of the news category. rascal simplifies store processes by reducing the number of hours spent on stock and credit management so that retailers can devote more time to improving the customer experience. rascal involves scanning all newspapers and magazine products in and out of the store using a personal digital assistant (PDA). It eliminates the need for paperwork and increases the transparency of the transaction process.

rascal is a proven multi-channel, multi-format solution serving Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, High Street Outlets, Convenience Stores, Petrol Filling Stations and Motorway Service Areas.

rascal is committed to delivering bespoke solutions to assist retailers in simplifying processes, delivering labour savings, goods-in and returns management, reducing shrink and waste and also getting greater visibility of data and financial controls.

rascal is in the process of scoping and developing a solution for a new category (Entertainment - DVDs, CDs, Computer Games) and have the vision and ambition to expand into multiple new categories, new sectors and new industries.

rascal systems is 50% owned by the Kemble family and 50% owned by Smiths News PLC.